Crash investigation and reconstruction strengthens cases

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury

Personal injury attorneys will be the biggest advocate for victims severely injured in motor vehicle crashes. But, it also can be helpful to bring in a motor vehicle crash reconstruction expert. Often retired or off-duty law enforcement, engineers or automotive technologists, these investigators often can determine if a negligent driver was exceeding the legal speed limit or that a truck driver caused a crash because they were distracted.

What do they do?

These investigators will look at all the facts in the case. This includes going to the crash site to examine where the vehicles collided and where they ended up, measuring the distances and angles. They will note skid marks, debris on the road, and damage to the crash site. They will also examine the vehicles or pictures taken at the time of the crash, noting all aspects of the vehicle’s damage. They will apply mathematics, physics, and engineering elements to form an expert opinion on the cause of the crash.

Why it helps

Plaintiffs may believe that case is a clear-cut case of negligence, but expert witnesses can strengthen any case. They do this by:

  • Provide concise and fact-based analysis of the crash.
  • These facts often offer conclusive evidence, while a standard eyewitness is prone to misremember the event because of the trauma involved or due to the normal passing of time, making details less clear.
  • They can also testify in court, providing a recreation using computers or some other method that illustrates their conclusions.

While personal injury attorneys work on contingency, the expert witnesses are paid regardless of the case’s verdict or settlement.

Attorneys use this information

The victim’s attorney can use this information to strengthen their argument, but skilled legal guidance is essential to securing a fair and equitable resolution for the victims and their families. Those with questions about a potential case involving a crash and the potential of using a motor vehicle crash reconstruction expert can discuss these matters with a personal injury attorney.