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Have You Suffered A Head, Back Or Neck Injury In An Accident?

Lancaster | Taylor has significant experience handling complex personal injury cases, including claims involving serious head, back or neck injuries. By utilizing our own resources and the knowledge of experts, we are able to effectively and efficiently evaluate injuries and fully comprehend both the legal and medical aspects of catastrophic injury cases.

The most traumatic and disabling injuries usually come from accidents, such as auto accidents, product failures or industrial accidents, and can be life-changing. Head injuries in their most serious form may lead to permanent brain damage, and the most severe back or neck injuries can result in paraplegia or quadriplegia. People who suffer these types of injuries likely incur thousands of dollars in medical bills, will usually require medical and assistive care for the rest of their lives, and may be unable to ever return to work.

Mississippi Lawyers Handling Head, Back And Neck Injury Cases

At Lancaster | Taylor, our personal injury attorneys are attuned to the complex injury and damages issues involved in cases with head, back or neck injury. We can accurately assess the extent of your damages and help you receive compensation for your present and future losses.

  • Head and brain injuries – An acquired brain injury generally occurs when a sudden trauma damages the brain, such as an object hitting the head or piercing the skull, or the head violently striking a hard object like a windshield, dashboard or steering wheel. Head and brain injuries are some of the most difficult personal injuries to overcome, often requiring immediate surgery, as well as rehabilitation in the areas of physical therapy, speech therapy and psychological support.
  • Back and neck injuries – Back and neck injuries are among the most common reason people seek medical treatment and a frequent reason people miss work. These injuries can take a number of forms and involve muscles, ligaments, joints or other tissue along with the spinal cord itself. Even a ruptured disk not involving spinal cord injury can be disabling and cause lifelong pain. We take all these factors into consideration when working to achieve maximum compensation for back and neck injury victims.

Our lawyers have taken hundreds of depositions of physicians over the history of our firm to establish the problems encountered by our clients with head, back or neck injuries. We have access to experts who will be necessary to explain the injuries you have suffered and to quantify your damages.

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If you or a loved one has sustained a serious head, back or neck injury in an accident, you need to talk to experienced personal injury lawyers with knowledge of medical conditions and access to health care professionals. Please call our attorneys today at 662-548-3297 or contact us online to schedule a free evaluation of your case.