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Contract And Insurance Litigation

Lancaster | Taylor is primarily a litigation firm. Our attorneys have years of experience in complex civil litigation in all types of cases, including those that do not involve strict personal injury. Whether your case involves breach of commercial contract, the interpretation of contract terms, or the bad faith breach of an insurance policy, our attorneys draw from their wealth of experience in handling such cases. In fact, a number of contract-based cases handled by our firm have changed the law or made new law within the state of Mississippi.

Experience In Complex Civil Litigation Involving Contracts And Insurance Policies

For over five decades, the law firm of Lancaster | Taylor has provided comprehensive legal advice and representation to individuals, business owners, managers, companies and corporations throughout Mississippi. Each of our three partners handles complex civil litigation, and is highly respected in the Jackson legal and business communities.

Contracts form the basis of nearly all business relationships, and thus, many business disputes involve the interpretation of contractual language and/or the parties’ ability (or desire) to abide by contractual agreements. The attorneys at Lancaster | Taylor have handled countless contract disputes over the years, and understand how conflicts can impede business operations, slow down projects, and destroy professional, and even personal, relationships.

  • Breach of commercial contract – Contracts are formal agreements made between two parties that outline the obligations of each party under the agreement. A party’s failure to fulfill its stipulated obligations results in a breach of contract. When a breach of contract occurs, the parties involved may seek to have the contract enforced on its terms or repudiated altogether. A party may also seek damages resulting from any financial harm caused by the alleged breach.
  • Interpretation of contract terms – Many contract disputes involve the interpretation of contract terms. A question of interpretation may arise when an unforeseen situation leads to a difference of opinion about how to interpret a contract, or when there is a poorly written contract with ambiguous terms that requires a court’s interpretation to evaluate the parties’ rights and obligations.
  • Insurance bad faith – Insurance companies owe a duty of good faith and fair dealing to their policyholders. If an insurance company violates this duty, a policyholder may sue the company for its bad acts. Some of the most common examples of insurance bad faith include wrongful denial, unreasonable delay, or underpayment of a valid insurance claim.

Whether your contract case involves an individual consumer or a major corporation, our attorney litigators and support staff are equipped to render the quality legal services necessary to evaluate the case, handle all aspects of the litigation at trial, and continue representation through the appellate level.

As a Mississippi personal injury law firm and civil litigation practice, we regularly interact with insurance companies and possess an in depth knowledge of Mississippi insurance law. When a dispute involves an insurance policy, we are especially adept at identifying issues and seeking appropriate remedies for our clients.

Seek Advice & Representation From Seasoned Mississippi Litigators

If your case involves a contract, whether an insurance policy or an agreement involving other businesses or individuals, please contact our firm online or call 662-548-3297 for a complimentary case evaluation with one of our lawyers.