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Industrial Accidents

Industrial accidents refer to a broad range of accidents that occur on any type of industrial or construction site. Examples of industrial accidents include machinery failure, crane or forklift accidents, pipe or flammable vapor explosions, and equipment malfunctions. Because of the variety of construction/industrial activities and the various job duties of the workers who may be present at a given site, the manner in which such accidents occur is unlimited.

Analyzing the relative responsibilities of the different parties involved in an industrial accident can be complex. Most accident scenarios involve a plant owner, a general contractor and numerous sub-contractors with each of these parties having a number of employees.

Generally, an owner must provide contract employees with a reasonably safe place to work, and both the owner and employees of other contractors may be liable to an injured person for their acts and omissions amounting to negligence.

Depending on the facts of each case and the relationships of the parties therein, one or more of these parties may be immune from a lawsuit by the injured party due to the existence of workers’ compensation insurance coverage, which provides medical and indemnity benefits to an injured person.

The attorneys at Lancaster | Taylor have handled industrial accident cases since the firm was founded in 1960. We are experienced and adept at analyzing the facts of an industrial accident, evaluating the case and litigating the case from its inception through trial.

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