How a personal injury attorney can assist a car accident victim

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

An automobile accident could happen without warning, leaving drivers and passengers, or even pedestrians, severely injured. Medical bills, lost wages and other financial concerns may run through a victim’s mind. Auto liability insurance provides a way for Mississippi residents to seek compensation. Dealing directly with an insurance company may not be advisable, though. Therefore, you may want to consult an experienced personal injury attorney to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Experience may guide the process

A personal injury attorney deals routinely with motor vehicle accidents and other cases involving negligence. Professional experience may allow a lawyer to approach settlement claims differently than a victim involved by chance.

An insurance company could make a settlement offer that seems reasonable, but a closer examination suggests the settlement might be too low. In some cases, the amount may be so low that the insurance company’s actions could border on bad faith.

Besides working with insurance companies, personal injury attorneys have courtroom and jury experience. If the incident results in a lawsuit, a lawyer could assist his or her client make decisions about a trial. The client’s counsel may work with the defendant’s attorneys to reach a settlement as well.

Dealing with the personal injury process

Many crucial steps become necessary when seeking to settle or try a personal injury case. The discovery process, collecting evidence and investigating the accident all take effort. Once again, experience may improve the chances these steps move forward more efficiently and effectively.

There may be other options available, such as mediation and arbitration. An attorney could advise and counsel clients on matters related to alternative dispute resolutions and their feasibility. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) paths could lead to a less costly means of settling the matter.

Individual who were injured in motor vehicle accidents may wish to hire a personal injury attorney. A lawyer could represent the client during insurance settlements and civil trials.