Driving with ADHD

On Behalf of | May 9, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Over 14% of people under 18 in Mississippi have ADHD, while the national average is 9.2%. ADHD may be described as a neurodevelopmental disorder often characterized by symptoms of hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention that cause impairment in multiple settings. Over 60% of those with ADHD are on medication and over 45% receive behavioral treatment. Several strategies can help keep people with ADHD safe while driving on the roadways.

Driving with ADHD

New drivers with ADHD can work with a driver rehabilitation specialist to improve their driving skills. People with ADHD can also benefit from practicing active scanning. This involves drivers staying aware of what’s happening on the rear and side of the vehicle, not just the front. Active scanning includes looking out for cars in side streets, road signs, turn signals and crosswalks. Drivers with ADHD should also pay close attention to Intersections. ADHD drivers should understand concepts like yielding, right of way and turning lanes.

More on driving with ADHD

New drivers with ADHD may benefit from stickers on the steering wheel to remember hand positions and directions. Motorists with ADHD may also benefit from developing familiar driving routes around town. Ultimately, drivers with ADHD should work to minimize distractions inside the vehicle as much as possible. Even without ADHD, an increasing number of motor vehicle accidents are being caused by distracted drivers. Motorists with ADHD should also be cognizant of how their medication impacts driving.

People with ADHD who are new to driving should rely on practicing and being over-prepared for the road. There are also several specialized programs designed to help drivers with ADHD.