Are drowsy drivers as dangerous as drunk drivers?

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many people don’t consider drowsy driving to be dangerous, but studies show it’s just as dangerous as drunk driving in Mississippi. Those who get less than five hours of sleep each night have the same ability to operate a vehicle as a drunk driver, which significantly increases the risk of getting into an accident. Driving when you’re fatigued reduces your reaction time and can make it difficult to respond quickly if a car cuts you off or there’s a traffic jam up ahead. This can make it more challenging to practice defensive driving while sharing the road with other drivers.

How to avoid drowsy driving

Experts recommend getting an average of seven to eight hours of sleep each night to have enough energy to safely operate a vehicle. If you begin to feel tired as you’re spending time on the road, pull over to a rest stop to get a nap that helps you recharge and avoid motor vehicle accidents.

If you plan to drive longer distances, switch off with a passenger after a few hours and take turns. You can also avoid car accidents by driving during the day instead of at night and using caffeine as a short-term energy boost to help you stay alert. It’s also important to avoid taking any medications that can trigger drowsiness as one of their side effects.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you’re involved in a car accident, contact a legal professional who can help you to seek the compensation you deserve. An attorney will inform you of your rights while also reviewing the details of the case and any evidence that is collected. You can also use an attorney’s services for related matters like a wrongful death, industrial accidents and trucking accidents.