Drivers face a wide range of road risks

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Not every road trip in Mississippi turns out to be safe. Drivers may find road conditions treacherous, or fellow drivers might choose to ignore traffic laws. Remaining a careful driver helps prevent an accident, but there are many dangers that even the best drivers face. Being mindful of the typical risks may allow a driver to avoid a mishap on the road.

Risk factors to worry about

There’s a reason why another name for inclement weather is bad weather. Heavy rain could make visibility difficult while turning roads slick. Whenever weather conditions become treacherous, drivers find themselves at more significant risks for an accident. However, traveling during less-than-ideal weather conditions is sometimes unavoidable. Driving slower and with more attention to potential hazards is necessary under such circumstances.

Driving at night comes with dangers as well. For example, seeing a stalled vehicle on the road may be impossible when its lights are out and the road appears shrouded in darkness.

Objects in the road could puncture tires, or an animal darting out may force a driver to swerve and hit another vehicle. Cargo may fall off a truck and hit windshields. These are only a few examples of common hazards that driver may deal with at some point.

Dangerous drivers

Teenagers raise the risk of getting in motor vehicle accidents because they are inexperienced drivers on the road. Teens may be prone to speed or commit other moving violations although dangerous drivers come in all age groups.

Distracted driving continues to cause accidents on U.S. roads. Smartphones, touchscreens and other in-vehicle technology can contribute to distracted driving as does eating while driving and even talking to passengers.

Victims of a car accident may want to work with an attorney to bring a lawsuit against a negligent driver. The attorney may be able to negotiate a settlement to help a crash victim recoup their losses.