Are head injuries common in a motor vehicle crash?

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A car crash could leave drivers and passengers suffering terrible injuries. Some Mississippi accident victims may suffer minor scrapes and bruises, but others might experience head trauma. Head injuries could range in severity, with some being life-threatening. Others may recover from head wounds but find the accidents changed their lives. Understanding the head injury risks drivers and passengers face may lead some motorists to practice better safety habits.

Head injuries and vehicle collisions

Whiplash might be the most common injury experienced in a rear-end collision, although any impact angle may cause it. With whiplash, the violent motion of the head leads to neck muscle injuries. Such injuries might take some time to heal.

Concussions or lacerations may result, and these injuries could be far worse than the victim realizes. A thorough examination might be necessary to determine how serious things are.

A skull fracture proves scary and may lead to a lengthy recovery process. Skull fractures might result in death, and they are a leading cause of accident fatalities.

Head injury victims might find their motor skills and memory impaired. Some accidents may result in victims going into a coma. Extensive surgeries may become unavoidable after certain motor vehicle accidents.

Head injuries, recovery, and negligence

The aftermath of a head injury may result in the victim undergoing extensive rehabilitation and therapy. Some victims might find themselves reliant on a caretaker and disability insurance payments. Such victims or their families would likely seek compensation for the harm.

A driver who incurs a head injury may be liable for the harm caused to others. Driving drunk, speeding, or embracing distractions are examples of potential negligence. If you have sustained any of these type injuries in a motor vehicle collision it is important for you to seek the advice of an experienced attorney who handles personal injury cases like yours.