Dangers of railroad crossings

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

One of the worst driving mistakes any motorist can make is attempting to beat a train at a railroad crossing. Even with cross arms to block traffic before the train arrives at the intersection, some drivers still attempt this unnecessary, and often fatal, behavior. There are countless railroad crossings in Mississippi, many of which are in dark territory rural crossings where trains still travel. But there are also many in the urban areas and communities where just such an event can happen.

Be aware at all times

Rail traffic is not as common as it once was in the South, but it is still a vital delivery network for many businesses. In addition, many trains are unit trains, meaning they are carrying only one type of freight. These trains commonly run at the highest rate of speed allowed for the particular section of track, which may include railroad crossings. It is always very important to be aware of a potential train coming across any highway, and it is especially important when other vehicles are at the crossing as well in order to avoid multiple motor vehicle accidents from occurring.

Comparative negligence in train accidents

Fatalities are almost always the result of motor vehicle accidents that involve trains, just as in big truck collisions. Even though Mississippi’s pure comparative negligence law allows drivers to receive some amount of financial compensation for their injuries when they’re not totally at fault, attempting to beat a train at a railroad crossing could easily be found as the total fault of the driver.

It is always essential to exercise extreme caution when approaching any railroad crossing even if no train whistle is heard in the distance. Any Mississippi families who have loved ones who were in a train/car collision should contact a personal injury lawyer immediately because this can be a very complicated legal matter.