Why do truck accidents happen?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2021 | Firm News

When a truck accident happens, an investigation may reveal what caused the crash. Several often repeated reasons explain why truck collisions occurred on Mississippi highways, streets, and even parking lots. Truck drivers and their employers don’t always take preventable steps to avoid disasters, potentially leading to lawsuits.

Reasons why truck accidents happen

Intoxicated driving may factor into numerous truck and motor vehicle collisions. Don’t assume alcohol represents the only substance that may cause impaired driving. Legally prescribed prescription medication might cause impairment, and drivers taking to the road impaired could face liability claims.

Fatigued driving shared similarities to intoxicated driving, which is why federal laws attempt to regulate how much time truck drivers spend on the road. Mandatory breaks seek to keep drivers from working dangerously long shifts. Trucking companies face requirements to log breaks and enforce compliance. Regrettably, not everyone complies with laws or regulations, and accidents may result.

Truck drivers could make the same mistake many others do: they allow themselves to become distracted. Texting, eating behind the wheel, and carry on a CB radio conversation could cause a crash. Even a slight lapse in attention creates dangers.

Further reasons why truck accidents happen

Speeding might seem like “no big deal” until driving over the posted limit leads to an accident. Truck drivers aren’t the only ones who drive too fast, but speeding trucks might require extremely lengthy braking distances. That’s a vital reason why tailgating trucks are so dangerous.

Overloading a truck with cargo could be a bad idea. Poorly securing the cargo is also dangerous, and anything that comes loose may hit another vehicle.

Hopefully, a truck doesn’t take to the road with worn tires or brakes. Drivers and their employers should make sure the vehicles receive routine service.