Poor maintenance can lead to truck accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

One of the most important practices for trucking companies and owner-operators in Mississippi is maintaining their vehicles and hauling equipment. Even the wheel assemblies on trailers and flatbeds need maintenance on a regular basis. The concept of “good enough” is not necessarily good enough when hauling extremely heavy cargoes over the open road. However, this is often a requirement that gets overlooked on a regular basis and can lead to very serious truck accidents.

Suspension maintenance

Suspension system maintenance is one of the most important factors in truck safety. It begins with the steering system and extends to the tires on each axle. All braking systems should be in excellent condition as well as all suspension rods and wheel bearings. Many motor vehicle accidents occur due to failed brakes or a broken suspension rod.

Tire maintenance

Everyone has been driving down a highway and sees pieces of tire tread lying in the road, often creating hazardous conditions long after the fact. Many times truckers lose a tire tread well before they realize it and do not catch it until they stop. Many truck accidents are caused by blowouts when drivers fail to inspect their tires regularly as required by law or they continue to use tires that should have been replaced.

Lighting systems

Even though trucks are the biggest machinery on the highways, they still need sufficient lighting at night when running down the highway or parking on the roadside. Many motor vehicle accidents actually happen when a truck is sitting still on the shoulder and not properly illuminated.

These are just a few of the potential problems that can happen when trucks are not properly maintained. State and federal agencies set the standards, and violations can establish gross negligence in truck accident lawsuits brought by victims.