The most important back injury facts

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A back injury causes pain that is a major disruptor to everyday life. Most injured people have to consult with their doctors for pain medication, surgery or physical therapy. A back injury in Mississippi often leads to a disability or a workers’ comp claim. There are numerous facts about the causes of back injury along with the treatments and preventions.

Back pain is common

A back injury is one of the most common physical injuries in the U.S. The condition may be caused by muscle strains, motor vehicle accidents or spinal diseases. Tens of millions of Americans experience lower back pain at some point in their lives.

Self healing is recommended

Many back injuries heal on their own without the need for medical help. Doctors recommend plenty of rest, healthy food, exercise and at-home remedies like hot or cold packs. The pain and stiffness often decrease after several weeks or months; however, those with severe pain are often prescribed pain medications.

Disability is common

A severe back injury causes a temporary or permanent disability and an inability to return to work. The severest forms of back pain make it impossible to walk, sit upright or perform basic life functions. A back injury is a common complaint on a workers’ compensation claim.

Back pain affects the majority of adults in the U.S. Neck, spine and back injuries are mainly caused by acts of sudden trauma like car crashes and lifting accidents. A back injury varies from minor pain that requires an ice pack to severe pain that restricts basic movements and functions. Every type of back injury is treatable at home or with a medical provider’s help.

If you have been injured as a result of an accident, you should consult with an experienced attorney who handles these specific types of cases.