Pedestrian accidents at low speeds

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

It is not true that only vehicles traveling at high speeds cause harm. In reality, pedestrians in Mississippi and throughout the country might suffer injuries when hit by a car moving at slow speeds. Motor vehicles that merely tap someone might knock the person to the ground and cause severe injuries, such as a skull fracture. That is one example of how a pedestrian might suffer harm.

Slow speeds and pedestrian deaths

Statistics reveal 70,000 pedestrians are involved in vehicle accidents across the United States each year. Again, speed does not always factor into injury severity. In fact, according to data, 6.8% of pedestrians hit by a car traveling no faster than 30 mph die, and 37% survive with but with severe injuries.

The low speed indicates that many accidents happen in regular city traffic. While pedestrians could get hurt on a highway shoulder or when attempting to cross an expressway, many joggers and people walking around residential remain in close contact with dangerous vehicles.

Dangers and risks to pedestrians

Pedestrian accidents often result from driver negligence. For example, a distracted driver might not see someone in a driveway and hit them. Making an illegal turn at an intersection could leave a pedestrian with broken bones.

Drunk driving affects motor skills and perceptions, increasing collision risks even at low speeds. Many fatal accidents result from drivers taking the wheel while intoxicated and losing control of their vehicles. Sometimes, drunk drivers intend to evade a police stop and speed away from the scene, causing a deadly collision. However, even a driver who coasts through a stop sign could hit someone crossing the street. The vehicle’s weight could crush someone even when the car is traveling at a low speed.