Reckless drivers cause accidents in Mississippi.

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many accidents are the result of drivers driving recklessly. The victims of vehicle accidents in Mississippi could file a personal injury claim if a reckless driver caused the accident.

Reckless driving dangers

Some drivers do not consider the recklessness of their actions like speeding, texting while driving or taking other reckless actions like weaving in traffic. Others may routinely travel on a road that doesn’t usually have much traffic or police presence, giving them false confidence to commit moving violations like speeding. Even so, a driver who routinely speeds, rolls through stop signs or weaves in and out of lanes might cause an accident one day.

When a vehicle darts in front of you, there is no time to slow down or navigate to another lane or the shoulder, which may result in a horrible collision. Drivers who speed routinely slam on their brakes at intersections, sometimes causing the vehicle to skid trying to stop. The following vehicle or pedestrian could get hurt if the vehicle skids into the person.

Distracted and fatigued driving leads to numerous accidents that cause unnecessary harm. For example, a driver who swerves and sideswipes several vehicles might not hurt anyone, but the resultant property damage could leave the other car owners with significant repair bills.

Drunk driving might cause similar damage and plays a role in many fatal collisions. In addition, many drunk driving incidents involve repeat offenders who might suffer from severe addiction issues. Regardless, drunk driving remains reckless and could leave a driver facing legal action.

Seeking compensation

Injured parties could seek compensation for property damage or physical harm when a reckless driver is liable for a motor vehicle accident in Mississippi. The losses could exceed what the negligent party possesses in assets, but the injured person might file an insurance claim.

An insurance claim may recover losses for property damage and personal injury, although the insurance company might prefer to protect its assets by offering a low payoff. Effective negotiations and presenting evidence of the other driver’s fault could lead to a better settlement.